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An amazing Lightroom preset for consistency - Our DVLOP Presets

One of the great things about Adobe Lightroom is the ability to post process images in batches. But sometimes you struggle with keeping the consistency in your edits. Imagine a scenario where you have a large group of photographs all taken with different lighting conditions and all the subjects are all wearing very colorful clothing. You want to make sure that the colors stay consistent under the varying lighting conditions. It’s tough at the moment this has been difficult using the current color profiles.

Another thing that is also very frustrating is the fact that you are using one brand of camera equipment (i.e., a Nikon D750) and your second shooter is using another brand (EOS Canon 5D Mark 4), the images look very very different. Applying a standard preset based on the profiles do not yield the same results. As a result of this, you end up having to create many presets for different lighting conditions for each camera. It seems entirely pointless because it’s a real struggle! 

And, this is where DVLOP comes in to your rescue. I teamed up with them to produce a set of presets based on the look of images that I like. Not only do they work by keeping the colors very consistent under different lighting conditions they also match the response curves to most modern digital cameras. 

We packaged 6 presets into a collection called the “Zauberchroma”, meaning “power” and “color.” 4 color and 2 black and whites. 

You can purchase the presets from the DVLOP website.