The Journal for New York City's Top Wedding Photographer Jide Alakija

South Bank Centre London Wedding, Wayne + MaRgaret

Many years ago during my University days I would take the train from the South East of London into Waterloo to the Cafe at the South Bank Centre to Study. It was such a great place to spend the day with a beautiful walkway along the river banks of the Thames River. You also had a variety of tourists enjoying the performances on display by the various acts on the path. If you wanted more scenery you could hop into one of the pods in the London Eye. A 30 minute visual experience of London.

Little did I know at the time I would follow a career as a wedding photographer (I was planning to be a successful Mechanical Engineer at the time) even more so I would be shooting a wedding there too. A lot had changed by the time I shot Wayne and Margaret's beautiful wedding. The tourists were still there and the backdrop was quite similar to what I remember it to be but it was a bit more colourful than I remember it. It's a location that has provided all sorts of backdrops for many creatives making images for engagement session, fashion shoots and the like.

I really loved shooting this wedding. Wayne and Margaret are a very simple but very sophisticated couple. They knew exactly what they wanted when they hired me to shoot their wedding. I met them at a previous wedding I covered about two years ago. Wayne was a groomsman then. They told me that the moment they saw the story slideshow I created for their friends (my former clients, now turn friends) they immediately told me that that was what they were looking for. Below are a few images from their wedding day but you can also view their slideshow here

Tayo + Kike, Grosvenor House Wedding London, UK

I've just returned from a week long and amazing workshop in Glen Rose Texas, called Foundation Workshops. I got the opportunity to meet and work with some of the best documentary photographers on the planet. While it has been a very exhausting week it is one I will never forget as I've made some of the most amazing friends for life through the workshop.

I really love shooting wedding in the United Kingdom. It offers a variation in locations with a mix of the historic and modern. It get the opportunity to really tell some really interesting stories around the different locations that you get to work in. Grosvenor house is nothing short of immaculate. It's a huge venue that can seat up to 600 guests and yet keep it's elegance. Kike and Tayo's wedding was nothing shot of grand. It offered everything from the emotional walk of the bride to her husband, some radiant dresses the bridesmaid were wearing, to the comedy on display from each of the groomsmen. 

Kike and Tayo are very dedicated people towards each other and they take their spirituality very seriously. They've been supporting and attending various Redeem Christian Fellowships around the world so it was no surprise that they would get married in one of the flagship churches in London, Jesus House.

We really had a great time photographing this event, Chad flew down from NYC to second shoot and again he was nothing short of exceptional.