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Paris Engagement session, Dipo + Ruby

I have been looking forward to updating the blog for sometime now and now that I have had the chance to do so I will not hold anything back.

I was introduced to Dipo and Ruby earlier last year while they were planning their wedding. I was on a brief work assignment in London and it seemed like a good idea to meet and discuss the potential coverage of the wedding. Dipo threw in the middle of the meeting the idea of shooting their engagement session in Paris. Apparently Paris is one of Ruby's favourite cities and being the romantic that Dipo is he was really game with the idea. We went over there at the beginning of what we thought would be spring (it was really cold) and we thought the fresh blossoms would be awesome with the landscape. I had a VERY good feeling from this shoot, the couple gave me plenty of room to tell the story of their love using the landscape.

As I don't speak very good French I had the pleasure of working with my very trusted colleague, Crystal Deroche who runs a creative agency in London and Paris to help out on the day. We couldn't have gotten by without her help. I really enjoyed working with Dipo and Ruby on their engagement shoot and was even excited about shooting their wedding in the fall in London. I shall be posting their wedding story soon.