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Kene + Ify, Santa Maria Aracoeli Wedding, Roma, Italy

Last year, we shot quite a few great destination weddings that I hadn't yet had a chance to show on the blog. Now I'm finally presenting highlights from a wedding that we shot in the Vatican City in Roma, Italy. 

I've known both the bride, Ify, and the groom, Kene, from my time at university in London. We all attended the same college and, as far as I knew, they never met each other at that time.  One day whilst doing some post production in my office in Durham, NC, I got a call from Ify telling me that she and Kene were getting married in Italy and that she wanted me to shoot the wedding. Of course, this was one of those calls you couldn't say "No" to. 

Their wedding was set in probably the most beautiful cathedral I've ever seen, located in the center of Roma. It was an honor to be able to shoot in such revered historical location. Their families are very devout Catholics so it was an incredibly special and emotional ceremony. The backdrop left me in awe; we had so many beautiful moments to capture. The city itself is an outdoor museum with so much history to it. The ceremony started off with the most elegant bridal entrance at the church. We had to climb 146 steps (!!) to the top of the summit (Campidoglio) to get to the Santa Maria Aracoeli church, flanked by tourists from all over the world that stopped to observe the processional. The entire experience was truly memorable.