About Us

I'm Jide and I am a wedding photographer.

Plain and simple, I love to tell stories... but I'm not an amazing writer so I tell those stories through photography. There's a story in every situation. Experiences and encounters are the very things that shape my images and I find great pleasure in sharing them through the weddings, events and other documentary projects.

I have an interest in creating photographic art and presenting images that tell really interesting stories and memories. When I'm working I prefer not to interfere with the event and situations I find myself in. Capturing the reality that is found in the most intimate moments is my focus.

I am British by birth and Nigerian by ethnicity, spending most of my formative years in Southern Nigeria and London, UK. I've recently relocated in Durham, North Carolina (affectionately North Cackalacky), USA to live with my wife, Ayodele. She is my greatest confidante and support; I really don't know where I would be without her.

You read that right. I live in North Carolina, but my wedding photography studio is in New York City.

I love to travel. Thankfully, my photography allows me to do so quite a bit. My photography takes me all over the US, Europe, Africa, even as far as Sri Lanka.

Other hobbies? You mean aside from being awesome? Actually, photography used to be a hobby but I loved it so much that I turned it into a full-time gig. Otherwise, I enjoyed cycling once upon a time, that is until my bike was stolen.. But the wife drags me to spinning classes to make up for my stolen bike.